Gaia Added Value Interface Platform

A platform to allow the global science community to run their code beside the Gaia data archive

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Welcome To GAVIP

Gaia is a major ESA mission designed to survey 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) stars in the Milky Way in order to make a 3D map of unprecedented accuracy. This will allow us to answer fundamental questions about the origin and evolution of our galaxy.

However, the data-products of Gaia are expected to surpass 1 PetaByte in size, making it difficult for the scientific community to engage and analyse the data.

The Gaia Added Value Interface Platform (GAVIP) is designed to address this issue by providing an innovative platform for scientists to re-use and deploy, close to the data, their own existing code, packaged as "Added Value Interfaces" (AVIs).



GAVIP uses Docker to isolate the AVIs within the platform.

Complex pipelines made easy

We use Luigi under the hood to enable complex pipelines to be entirely defined by code.

Interfaces you define

Write a RESTful API, with no interface, OR write a responsive HTML5 UI. It's up to you!

Pipeline plugins (Services)

We provide common pipeline tasks such as downloading Gaia data, as "services" which can be simply integrated in your pipeline.

Your jobs are safe

Any jobs that you run against an AVI are stored and recorded in GAVIP. Dynamically scheduled to run in isolation when possible.

Your results are safe

Every registered user has a dedicated, isolated data volume which every AVI uses (initially set to 50GB)

A global space astrometry mission, Gaia will make the largest, most precise three-dimensional map of our Galaxy by surveying more than a thousand million stars. Visit ESAs website to find out more!